Appraisals for Insurance Coverage

Appraisals for Insurance Coverage
Appraisals for Insurance Coverage

Adequate Insurance Coverage – Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment of time and money. There are a great many insurance companies that will cover your collector car with Comprehensive and Collision coverage. However, many will tell you that your vehicle will be covered for “actual cash value” or “book value” (ie: they decide what your vehicle is “worth” at the time of a claim) unless you provide an appraisal. The markets are changing rapidly, as are the values of all collector cars.

Not all companies offer this coverage; however, our appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies that do offer this coverage. Our appraisal will also be of immense help if you’re hit by the driver of some other insurance company or if that driver is uninsured. Without an appraisal an unqualified person who is unfamiliar with your vehicle may be determining how much you’re going to collect at the time of a loss. Protect your investment by ensuring that the value of your vehicle is on record.

Important: did you know that during restoration in your own garage your vehicle is NOT covered for fire/theft under your homeowners policy? (only your automobile policy protects your car)

The best way to be sure that your car is protected properly is to have a professional appraisal on file with your insurance company and have an endorsement to your policy indicating the type and/or amount of coverage your vehicle has. Many insurance companies that provide collision and comprehensive coverage for older vehicles require a current appraisal or proof of value every 2 years or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first, or the coverage is reduced to book value.

Claim Settlement

If you’re arguing with an insurance company over the value of your vehicle after a loss then an appraisal after the loss can be a big help. It’s not as easy to appraise a vehicle after an accident or fire but it can be done if not too much time has gone by.

Pre-purchase Appraisal Motorcycles, Sports Cars, Antiques, Modified, Rods, Customs, Exotics

Can be a dream come true…

A pre-purchase appraisal can be very helpful when purchasing a specialty car, truck, motorcycle, or boat. The appraisal can be used to assess the fariness of the asking price, validate the vehicle’s representation in advertising, and help secure financing.

A pre-purchase appraisal could protect you against overpaying for a vehicle. It can also make a seller more reasonable in the asking price.

Pre-purchase appraisals can also help prevent fraud. If you are planning to buy a vehicle over the internet, have a local I-VAN appraiser do a pre-purchase appraisal to ensure that the vehicle has been properly represented in its advertising.

An I-VAN appraisal can also establish the loan value if you are planning to finance part of the purchse. Selling a Collector Vehicle

An appraisal can be a tremendous help when selling a collector vehicle. It eliminates a lot of haggling or “negotiating” because the vehicle’s market value has been established. Offering the vehicle for sale at or below the appraised value gives a prospective buyer peace of mind that he is getting a good value.

A qualified buyer can use the appraisal to get a loan from his bank, and other lending institutions, to assist in buying your vehicle (many financial institutions will loan up to 80% of our appraised value).

About I-VAN

“Hobbyists Helping Hobbyists” is our motto and our slogan is “Now you can get your appraisal from a friend and not a stranger.” I-VAN provides thousands of vehicle appraisals every year. Our Mission

To provide professional vehicle appraiser services in a timely, objective, and affordable manner.

Company Overview

The International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN) is a nationwide network of automotive hobbyists who have been carefully selected and trained to become certified automobile appraisers. We appraise Antique, Classic & Special Interest cars, trucks, motorcycles boats, etc. (including street rods, customs, etc). We also appraise Automobilia (automotive collectibles) and automotive art. Select appraisers also do Diminished Value, Lemon Law, and Fraud Appraisals.

All of our appraisers are National Judges for the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) as well as for many other national car clubs, including Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), Mustang Club of America (MCA), National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS), Model T Ford Club International, etc.

All appraisers attend the I-VAN Training School, do field training assignments, and home study before certification.

Select Certified Appraisers also do Diminished Value, Fraud, and Lemon Law appraisals. All of I-VAN’s certified appraisers guarantee no conflict of interest because we do not restore, buy/sell, paint, fix, transport, export, or insure old cars for a living… we are hobbyists first and foremost and we own the types of cars we appraise.



Have you, or someone you know, ever purchased a used car having been assured by the seller that it had never been in an accident; only to find out later that it had been? Did you discover flood damage? Was the car repossessed? Was it a lemon-law manufacturer buy-back? If the seller knew that the vehicle had prior history that would negatively affect the vehicle’s value and misrepresented this in order to sell the vehicle then this may be FRAUD!

Did you buy a vehicle “sight unseen” or over the internet and, when you received it, believe that you have been cheated? Was the vehicle advertised as something it was not? Many a “clone” has been passed off as an original.

The courts frown on fraud and you could collect a substantial amount of money if fraud is proven or your claim is settled before a jury trial.

An I-VAN Appraisal will substantiate the prior damage or misrepresentation of the vehicle and determine the amount that you overpaid for the vehicle: the amount that you were defrauded. Without the appraisal you have no financial basis for your claim.

Substandard Restoration

Did you pay for a prize-winning restoration only to find that the only prize you will win is the “booby prize”? Does the paint come off in the rain? Is the chrome peeling three months later? Our appraisal can help build your case.

Expert Witness I-VAN appraisers are accepted by courts as expert witnesses.

note: Not all I-VAN appraisers are certified to do diminished value or lemon law appraisals. Find an appraiser in your area.

Your source for fast and accurate auto appraisals!
Lemon Law

Did you buy a new car lemon? What is a lemon? In many states, if a new car dealer tries a couple of times to fix a significant reccurring problem, you may have a lemon, even if the problem has been resolved.

Typical complaints that we have inspected and documented as lemon law related have included: brakes, pull or sway to one side or the other, water leakage, excessive wind noise in passenger compartment, ride quality, suspension and drive train, electrical shut off, numerous types of paint/finish problems, inoperative neutral control switch, cruise control failure, etc.

An I-VAN appraisal can document this problem (even if it no longer exists) and the negative effect of the condition on the vehicle’s market value. Without documenting that the vehicle has suffered a loss of value in the marketplace there is really no basis for a lemon law claim. Our experience, appraisals, and expert testimony in this area have helped many people win their lemon law claim against the manufacturers; often resulting in the manufacturer buying back the vehicle, etc.
Diminished Value

Diminished Value is the amount by which the Resale Value of a damaged/repaired vehicle has been reduced for having sustained damage.

There are two (2) generally accepted types of Diminished Value:

Inherent Diminished Value assumes optimal repair quality and is defined as the amount by which the resale value of a vehicle has been reduced simply because it has a damage history.

Repair Related Diminished Value includes any additional amounts by which the resale value may be reduced because of less-than-optimal repairs. This could include anything from cosmetic imperfections to major structural defects.

Some states now mandate that insurance companies are responsible for paying the diminished value of a vehicle to vehicle owners who have been hit. Some I-VAN appraisers are certified to assess the diminishment of a vehicle after it has been repaired. All I-VAN appraisers are independent appraisers offering a non-biased appraised value and/or diminished value. I-VAN appraisers use a consistent proprietary methodology to determine the diminishment. Our diminished value clients include individuals, insurance companies, attorneys, and more.

Your Source for Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Vehicle Appraisals

Your Source for Fast
Your Source for Fast

The International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN) provides professional vehicle appraisal services in a timely, objective, and affordable manner.

What Makes I-VAN Unique among Appraisal Organizations?

I-VAN is a group of hobbyists who have come together through specialized training to create a true network of vehicle appraisers. Each of the appraisers has their own interests, knowledge base, and collection of vehicles; through the network we continually share our expertise. Our combined knowledge of vehicles, judging experience, and hobby expertise represents a broader scope of vehicle coverage than any other appraisal organization in existence.

All vehicles are personally inspected by the appraiser who prepares the finished appraisal report in order to ensure maximum acceptance in the marketplace and the legal community. If you were buying a car, would you accept as legitimate an appraisal from someone who never saw the car?

All I-VAN appraisers are certified and required to update their certifications annually through continued education, training, and judging experience.

Select I-VAN appraisers who do Diminished Value, Lemon Law, and Fraud appraisals are also certified in these fields and are further required to be re-certified annually through self-improvement, education, and experience.

Each month, the I-VAN home office reviews appraisals to ensure continued quality assurance.

I-VAN Events

Many I-VAN appraisers participated in the world’s largest antique car show and swap meet at Hershey PA, sponsored by the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), October 2014. It was a traditional rainy week but we did still have good representation at our Annual I-VAN Meeting and enjoyed each others’ company.

The weather stunk – but it was still HERSHEY! We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte, NC soon.

-Jeff Locke Appraisers of the Year, 2014

Jeff Locke, I-VAN Executive Director (center), congratulates Greg Denk from Kansas City – AGAIN! (on left) and Robert Aftel from Fredericksburg, VA (on right). Greg was I-VAN Appraiser of the Year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013! Greg and Robert tied for I-VAN Appraiser of the Year in 2014. Congratulations, Greg and Robert!

I-VAN Appraisers of the Year, 2014 New Appraisers

We welcome the following appraisers to the International Vehicle Appraisers Network: Charles Licata of Long Island, New York
Tom Marks in the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Becoming an Appraiser Would you like to get paid to look at old cars? Not just anyone can join I-VAN.

To become an I-VAN appraiser, qualified applicants will ideally be automotive hobbyists, belong to car clubs, and have car judging experience. Additionally, to ensure no conflict of interest, applicants may not restore, buy/sell, paint, fix, transport, export, or insure collector vehicles for a living.

Territories Available Now you can get your appraisal from a friend and not a stranger.

I-VAN Appraisers

I-VAN is a nationwide network of Certified Appraisers. I-VAN is made up of very experienced automotive hobbyists who are also automobile appraisers. We understand collectable vehicles, the hobby, and the marketplace. We are active in the hobby and we own the types of cars, trucks, motorcycles, art, and Automobilia that we appraise.

All appraisers must attend I-VAN training, do field training assignments, and home study before certification. Appraisers must also participate in continuous education to maintain their certification.

As a group, we specialize in appraising antique/classic/collectible vehicles. Some of our Certified Appraisers also do Diminished Value, Fraud, and Lemon Law appraisals.

All of I-VAN’s Certified Appraisers guarantee no conflict of interest because we do not restore, buy/sell, paint, fix, transport, export, or insure old cars for a living…

we are hobbyists first and foremost – we own the types of cars we appraise.

Have your car, truck, motorcycle, or Automobilia appraised by a friend…not a stranger! I-VAN’s Founder

I-VAN was founded in February 2001 by Jeff Locke, a life-long automotive hobbyist, who joined the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) in 1969. In 1989, Jeff became an appraiser of antique, classic, and special interest vehicles at the suggestion of Bob Wallace, President of the JC Taylor Insurance Co.

Mr. Locke started I-VAN in 2001 in order to make vehicle appraisals better meet the needs of automotive hobbyists throughout the country at a very reasonable fee. I-VAN provides thousands of vehicle appraisals every year.

Cars We Own As hobbyists, we have some fun and unique cars. Click here to see some examples.

Clubs We Belong To Click here to see a list of automotive clubs where I-VAN appraisers are members.