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    Shipping containers are the major equipment used in transporting goods throughout the world. The containers are essential in carrying large amount of goods in a safely packed environment; however, the containers cause environmental problems when their moving days have elapsed. Nowadays many people convert abandoned containers to build houses. Containers can form building blocks for various utility needs ranging from beach houses, temporary shelters to luxury hotels. The containers are affordable, sturdy and environmentally friendly. With the current improved technology, the containers are modified to go tandem with environmental conservation and protection rules.... read whole article here

Shipping Container

What is the definition of a shipping container? What material and standards exists? What is the lifetime of a container

We will discuss everything relevant to containers

Cargo Logisitcs

What are the alternatives of cargo logistics of tomorrow? We will look into the next generation of cargo logistics and and observe the transformation of todays to tomorrows.

What are the new technologies to be used. How do they affect the environment?

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We are able to provide a reliable parter if you wish to buy a container in Scandinavia. Contact us if you want to buy a container, and we will get back to you with an offer. We can offer most sizes on the market including the most popular sizes 20 and 40 foot. The containers are new and unsed.


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